Traxsource Hype Chart (25 Aug 2018)

Traxsource Hype Chart (25 Aug 2018)
Traxsource Hype Chart (25 Aug 2018)

Artist: VA
Title: Traxsource Hype Chart (25 Aug 2018)
Genre: Deep House, Afro House, Tech House, Techno, Nu Disco / Indie Dance, Progressive House, Electronica
Quality: 320 kbps


Abou Samra – It’s Time [Basica Recordings]
AbysSoul, Kairo, Stones & Bones – Vhuyani (Stones & Bones Remix) [Abyss Music]
Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani & Green Velvet – Space Date [Drumcode]
Alan Junior – Groove Me (Original Mix) [Springbok Records]
Alex Mallios, Hard Drive Library – Don’t Leave Me (Until The Flamenco Stops Original Mix) [Love Harder Records]
Ancient Deep – Hard To Fall (feat Cry No Mas) [Soul Clap US]
Anfunk – Don’t You (Original Mix) [Hot Bit]
Angel Anx, Mike Vale – Back To You (Original Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
Antonela Giampietro – Alaranjadas (Original Mix) [Odyssey Rec]
Apollo 84 – Soulsnatcher (Original Mix) [Under No Illusion]
Apparel Wax – 004A1 [Apparel Music]
Asle, Nadia Gattas, Dirty Secretz – Gonna Get You Back (Dirty Secretz Remix) [Phoenix Music]
Babert – My Name Is Caroline [Disco Revenge]
Baeka – I Cannot Forget (Original Mix) [Mole Music]
Bobby D’Ambrosio, Elsa Raven – What About This Love_ (Osio Remix) [Osio]
Cheap Treasure – Palm Tree Loop (Original Mix) [Lisztomania Records]
Crawford – We Go Back (Original Mix) [LOFT Records]
Culoe De Song – Felidaen Kings (Original Mix) [De Song Music]
Cup & String – Go Down [Large Music]
Daniele Dovico, Dirty Secretz – Rap In Da House (Dirty Secretz Remix) [Refined]
Danny Howard, GUZ (NL) – All That Dancin’ (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
Derek Carr – Acid Bath [Craigie Knowes]
Eats Everything – Bettah (Original Mix) [Intec]
Elax – Reaktor [Diynamic]
Enamour – Rosie’s Night Off (Extended Mix) [DAYS like NIGHTS]
Finn – Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough (Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic Extended Remix) [Defected]
Fond8 – Losing Control (Original Mix) [Metropolitan Promos]
Frankie J – Knights [Flapjack Records]
Gemini 529 – Party Rockin’ (Original Mix) [True Story Comic]
Greg Winfield, Kadesh, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins – I Found Love (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) [T’s Box]
H.P. Vince, Dave Leatherman & Perry Hotter – Come With Me Now (Deep Mix) [Smokin’ Beat]
Hanna Haïs, Sandra Nankoma – Mwala Wei’ka (Original Mix) [Open Bar Music]
Harry Romero – Jack Yo Body (Extended Mix) [Bambossa]
Hatiras – Hey Seniorita [Spacedisco Records]
HP Vince, Dave Leatherman – Burning Up (Original Mix) [Cruise Music]
Intr0beatz – I Want You Now (Original Mix) [La Vie D’Artiste Music]
Inxec feat. Lauren Amour – Lost (Original Mix) [Of Unsound Mind]
Janika Tenn & Vanilla Ace – Giddy Up (Original Mix) [Safe Music]
Johan S – Yeah (Original Mix) [Simma Black]
Juan MacLean – Just Once More (Extended Mix) [Classic Music Company]
K.E.E.N.E., Gonzo-Gonzo – Sand (Original Mix) [Perplex!]
Karl8, Andrea Monta – I Can’t Dance (Original Mix) [CRMS Records]
Kenny Bizzarro – Ghetto Travel (Original Mix) [Bliss Unique Recordings]
Kenny Summit – Some People [Good For You Records]
Kideko, Catchment – Talkin’ (Extended Mix) [SOLOTOKO]
Lebedev (RU), Luciano FM – Experience (Original Mix) [Funky Floor Records]
Leonardo Gonnelli – Arpia (Original Mix) [Gruuv]
Life on Planets, Lowheads – Get Loose (Vocal Mix) [Crew Love]
Lilocox, B Show – Supreme [Kazukuta Records]
Marcelo Nassi – Maiorca (Original Mix) [i! Records]
Mark Francis, Shawn Lucas – Fiji & Tahiti (Original Mix) [Merecumbe Recordings]
Massimiliano Troiani – Adventures Of A 70’s Rider, Vol. 3 (Original Mix) [Cut Rec Promos]
Matt Sassari, Kevin McKay – Get Get Down (Original Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
Mauri Fly – Jack (Original Mix) [Stereophonic]
Melchior Sultana – Phased [wewillalwaysbealovesong]
Milty Evans, Brian Boncher – Good Vibrations (Original Mix) [Whitebeard Records]
Mirko & Meex – A Jam (Original Mix) [MONOSIDE]
Miss Kay Dee – Ghetto Boy (Original Mix) [Blacksoul Music]
Mix & Fairbanks – Can I Borrow a Feeling_ [Hot Digits]
Moon Rocket, Re-Tide – Move That Body [Doomusic]
Mr. Eclectic – Love Perspective (Original) [Vibe Boutique Records]
Nnath – Soul (Original Mix) [Pogo House Records]
Olindo, Millrain – 4 Pam (Empty Heart Original Mix) [Soul Revolution Records]
Osheen – Back Spin [Guesthouse]
Osheen, Roland Clark, Will Monotone – The Conversation (Will Monotone Remix) [Blinded Records]
Paolo Di Nicolantonio – Close To Me (Original Mix) [Craigie Knowes]
Paso – Idocracy (Original Mix) [Fina Records]
Phaze Dee – Solid Sense State (Original Mix) [Moiss Music]
Phaze Dee, Leandro Di – Just The Way I Feel (Leandro Di Remix) [Snazzy Traxx]
Quart, Vince Watson – Inspiration [BBE]
Rawdio – Man In Blue (Original Mix) [Oh! Records Stockholm]
Rayko – Body Language [Rare Wiri Records]
Re.You, Soheil – Mapawani (Main Version) [MoBlack Records]
Rhemi, Tess Leah – What I Want (Main Mix) [Rhemi Music]
Robbie Rivera, Angelo Ferreri – All About Disco (Original Mix) [Mood Funk Records]
Rosana Nun, J.Sanchez – Cash [Pura Music]
Ruben Mandolini – Be Sensitive (Original Mix) [ORIGINS RCRDS]
Ruthes MA, Buder Prince – Ruth Jam (Afro Mix) [Union Records]
Sartorial – When We’re Alone [Tropical Disco Records]
Sebb Junior – The Reason (Original Mix) [Let There Be House Records]
Shiba San – Don’t Talk [DIRTYBIRD]
Silvano Del Gado – El Sonido (Original) [Purple Tracks]
Silvano Del Gado – Tribal Train [Papa Records]
Soul Power – Dream Come True (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings Digital]
Soulbridge, Ms Onyie – Perceptions (Original Mix) [HSR Records]
Stacy Kidd, Tracy Hamlin – He’s The One (Remixes Stacy Kidd House 4 Life Remix) [House 4 Life]
Stamp Art – New Cyclone (Original Mix) [Stamp Art Records]
Susu Bobien, DJ Spen, Thommy Davis – Love Sensation (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Right On Time Mix) [Quantize Recordings]
Terranova – Let It Fail [Kompakt]
The Stoned – The Show (original mix) [Induction Muzic]
Tom Jones, Mousse T. – Sexbomb (Sounds Of Life Dub) [Peppermint Jam]
Valique – It’s Hot (Heavy Boogie Edit) [Masterworks Music]
Vanco, Zepherin Saint – Ms Jailer (Feat. Zano Zepherin Saint Remix) [Tribe Records]
Vangelis Kostoxenakis – I Dont Give A… (Original Mix) [Talk of the Town]
Villes Wax – Hot Dance [Villes et Fleurs]
Vito Vulpetti – I Really Knows (Original Mix) [Lupara Records]
White Label Will, St Luke – What About (Original Mix) [Juiced Music]
Will The Funkboss – I Am Free (Original Mix) [Smokin’ Beat]
WillowMan – Just Around [Salted Music]
Yalown – In The Sky (Original Mx) [Deepalma Soul]

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